Are You a Broke College Student?

Summer school is starting this week which means one thing…spending money on textbooks that you will be using for 4-6 weeks and then it becomes a doorstop or used for propping up your coffee table. As a broke graduate student from a one-income household, I know the woes of having to pay for tuition and textbooks. What if you could spend less on textbooks by renting them instead of buying them? Campus Book Rentals offers a great program where you can rent textbooks instead of buying them at full price. This way, you pay less and you don’t get stuck with a book that you won’t use again.

But what if you did buy that book and now you can’t sell it back because it’s almost worthless? Try renting them out at Rent your old textbooks out to other students and make 2-4 times more money compared to what you would make by selling them back to the bookstore.

So what’s the best thing about Campus Book Rentals? They are partnered with Operation Smile. Portions of their proceeds are donated to help those families that cannot afford life changing cleft lip surgeries on children.

Not only are you saving on textbooks, you are also helping a worthy cause. If you’re looking to save some cash, make sure to check out

This post is sponsored by and I am being compensated for this post but all of the opinions expressed in this post are my own and I wouldn’t promote anything unless I thought it was a good thing.

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