Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about The Stitchin’ Mommy’s patterns or site? Your answer may be right here! Check out the Frequently Asked Questions and answers below:

Q: Can I sell finished items made from your patterns?
Yes you can! I provide permission to sell finished items made from my patterns. However, I do NOT allow the sale of the actual pattern (in part or as a whole) or the use my photos to sell your items. For more information, please see my Terms of Use.

Q: What is a Magic Circle/Magic Ring/Adjustable Loop?
A: A Magic Circle is an alternate form of creating a circle to work in the round. Instead of chaining and slip stitching to create a circle, you can create a Magic Circle which leaves no hole in the center. You can find a great video tutorial here and photo tutorial here.

Q: I want to make one of your blankets into a larger blanket or lapghan. How many chains do I start with?
A: For all of my blanket patterns, I provide the multiple that you will need to make the blanket larger. I normally chain a larger multiple and measure as I go along to determine what size blanket I need.

Q: How do I print from your site?
A: I have a tutorial for how to print the patterns from my site right here. I also have a few patterns already available in PDF form on Craftsy for $1 (will be listed on the pattern.)

Q: I followed your instructions but my project did not turn out to be the same size. Why?
A: Everyone has a different gauge that is unique to them. I always put a gauge in my patterns that require a gauge so that you can create a test swatch and adjust accordingly. Remember that some people crochet tighter (or looser) than others!

Q: Do you have any video tutorials?
A: At the moment, I do not have the capability to produce video tutorials. However, I hope to have the equipment to make videos in the future. I do have some great photo tutorials that you can find here. I do not provide permission for my patterns/tutorials to be made into videos. Please see my Terms of Use for more information.

Q: Do you take requests for pattern designs?
A: I sometimes take requests depending on the type of design and my schedule. Currently, I am not accepting any requests.

If you have a question that has not been answered here, please feel free to contact me.