5 Tips to Help Get Your Crochet Mojo (Crojo) Back

Have you ever lost your crochet mojo? Recently, I have felt like crocheting was more of a chore than the fun activity that it used to be. Life sometimes throws you for a loop and it’s perfectly normal to not enjoy something you once did. I started thinking of ways to restart my “crojo” and help me enjoy crocheting again. I have put together a few tips that can help you find your love for crocheting again if you ever lose your crojo too! 

#1) Challenge yourself to Learn Something New

Sometimes when I am feeling stuck in a rut, I try to learn a new technique and challenge myself to work on that technique until I feel comfortable enough to do it without the assistance of a tutorial. I then take that technique and apply it to a project (usually something small) to help me feel like I’ve mastered it.

#2) Change Your Scenery

I recently found myself stuck and not wanting to finish a project that I needed to get done. It was a beautiful day outside so I decided to pull up a comfy outdoor chair and sit on my patio to finish my project. I was able to soak up the afternoon sun and get some fresh air which helped me refocus myself to complete my task. It was definitely helpful. If you can’t go outside, try crocheting in a different room in your home! A change of scenery sometimes helps get the creative juices flowing.

#3) Go Shopping!

Sometimes all you need is some nice new yarn or a new crochet hook, or even a crochet book! When I’m feeling uninspired, I go to my local craft store and check out the yarn aisle. I don’t even have to necessarily buy anything. Window shopping helps me find creativity as well. From time to time, a color scheme will catch my eye and I just snap a picture. Then when I get home, I dig around in my yarn stash to recreate my idea. Sometimes all it takes is a pretty new hook to get my gears turning or a book with stitch patterns that I want to try.

#4) Crochet something for someone else

Most of my best work comes from making things for others. If I am making a project for someone else and putting all of my love and hard work into it, it becomes instantly gratifying. I recently crocheted a blanket for my daughter’s teacher who was having a baby. As much as I didn’t want to pick up my hook, I wanted her to have something special for her little boy because she always treated my daughter with so much love and respect. So, I bought some nice new yarn and created something for her. It bought me so much joy to be able to make something for someone that I really care about. It was definitely a nice change from designing things just for my blog.

#5) Just Take a Break

Sometimes you just need a break to make you miss the things you loved doing the most. I find that when life is overwhelming and I just can’t seem to function, I just take a small break. Sometimes you just need to give yourself grace and take a step back. I usually use this break as an opportunity to take some “me time” so I can collect my thoughts, reorganize and get back on track. I’m a planner and I like to be organized. When life becomes chaotic, I take time to reorganize myself and my thoughts so that I can create a Zen space to allow the creative juices to flow.

I hope that this tips are helpful if you ever find yourself stuck in a rut! It may not be easy to get your crojo back once you’ve lost it, but it is definitely possible. I hope you all find your joy and keep on crocheting 🙂

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