Rainy Day Projects

I’ve realized that I really have neglected my blog. So I decided to share my rainy day with you all.

I live in Queens, NY (for non New Yorkers, Queens is just outside of Manhattan). We get the usual rainy weather but today was insane. There was a torrential downpour today with thunder, lightning and even some hail. Living on the 14th floor of an apartment building is quite scary on days like today. You feel like you are in the rain clouds and it’s almost as if you can reach out and touch the lightning. This crappy weather and a sick baby didn’t leave me many options for being productive. I finished an order that I had from my Etsy shop and decided to browse the web for a project.

I found this pattern for a Market Bag from the Lily Sugar n’ Cream website. I decided to use some not so pretty yarn that I bought (for some unknown reason) and make this bag. What better way to use not so pretty yarn and I’m saving the environment by not using paper or plastic bags =)

I’ll post some pictures when I actually have something that resembles a bag. But for now, here is a dreary view from my window

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