A Week in Pictures {Weeks 5 & 6}

I am so happy that midterms are over and that Spring Break has officially begun! I get a whole week and a half to relax and spend time with my little munchkin. Over these past 2 weeks I’ve felt like so much has happened and life seems to have been passing me by as I had my head stuck in my books. Now that I have some time and maybe some nice spring weather, I can actually have some fun with Kaylee. She is growing right before my eyes. I know I must say that a lot but it’s completely true. Every day there is a new word or words. Every day her personality seems to take shape more and more. I can’t believe that in 3 short months my little girl is going to be 2 years old.

 Kaylee has had a couple of milestones in the past 2 weeks. She visited the dentist for the first time and it was…successful. She kicked and screamed and I basically had to hold her down with all of my might. But the dentist managed to look inside of her mouth and gave us a ton of good news and one piece of news that we were bracing ourselves for. Kaylee is a paci addict, which is mainly our fault. Her daddy and I never really tried to wean her off of it. I know, it’s a terrible habit. I tried to get her to let it go but she was so far gone that it didn’t really go so well. So, as expected, the dentist told us that Kaylee’s beloved paci was affecting her teeth and if we did not do something about it, it would basically ruin her teeth. Kenny and I decided right then and there that the paci was going in the garbage. We rather have Kaylee be a bit miserable than ruin her teeth. Kaylee has been paci-free for a whole week. The first day/night was rough but now we’re doing well. She calls out for it every now and then but all in all, she’s sort of forgotten about it (thank goodness). I have to say that I’m so proud of her. I didn’t think she could live without it but she has definitely proven me wrong. Kaylee has even inspired Kenny to give up something he loves a great deal…soda! Let’s see how life with a recovering paci-addict and soda-addict pans out.

Now to the real topic of this post…my week two weeks in pictures:

#1 – While parked outside of the post office, some guy that doesn’t know how to drive scratched our brand new car while trying to pull into the parking space in front of us. Poor car was only 2 weeks old at the time. We will hopefully be getting it fixed on Monday
#2 – To get into the St. Paddy’s Day spirit, I made a little four leaf clover clip
#3 – Kaylee has so many toys but plays with the most random things. She decided to sit in one of my fabric totes. It is now her favorite spot. 
#4 – The many faces of my Kaylee. She grabbed my phone and said “cheese” so I obliged. This is what we ended up with
#5 – Kaylee hiding her face because she didn’t want to clean up after lunch
#6 – My tiny model in the making. This is her serious face
#7 – Kaylee got a hold of some of my yarn and didn’t want to let go. Crocheter in the making?
#8 – Cake pops! Who doesn’t love cake pops? Actually I don’t love them anymore. I’ve made about 70 for my nephew’s first birthday party and I would be all too happy to not see a cake pop for a very long time =)
Hope you’ve enjoyed my pictures and hopefully I will have more for you next week! Have a fabulous weekend!
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