The Big Sully Yarnit Coming Soon!

Big Sully drawings

Have you ever seen the original Yarnit? Well there is a new, fantastic, larger version of the Yarnit called The Big Sully! Here are some of The Big Sully’s features:

  • The Big Sully will be made from Crystal Clear Lexan just like the original.
  • A 7” in diameter globe, large enough to accommodate a full skein of most yarns (not huge super saver double skeins) without having to ball or cake them first. Great for those who like to work from the center pull.
  • Multiple yarn holes to accommodate from chunky to fine yarns.
  • A special insert will separate the interior into two sections so you can use multiple 50 gram balls, perfect for doing color work, or just use it as an open bowl.
  • Needle docking slots on the top of the globe designed with all your needle gauges. Both knitting needles & crochet hook sizes 2 to 17. US, UK & Metric.
  • The base is still the original Yarnit base design that holds securely without damaging surfaces and is the perfect place to keep your Yarnit scissors, Yarnit stitch markers and darning needle. And what about that often needed 6″ ruler for those important measurements? Yep it’s included!
  • The Big Sully will have its own built in locking system.
  • At 7” it would impractical to carry the Big Sully around with a shoulder strap so none will be included but like the original Yarnit it is still lightweight, highly portable and will still sit in the cup holder of your car.

If The Big Sully catches your eye, then you can help bring it to fruition! Kate and the Yarnit team need your help to get The Big Sully manufactured! If they don’t reach their goal, The Big Sully will just remain as an idea. If you would like to make your pledge to their Kickstarter campaign, you can do so here. There is a level for everyone and every little bit helps. Let’s all pitch in and help support this amazing yarny business!

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