My Top Five Tips for Potty Training Girls

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My Top 5 Tips for Potty Training Girls #PottyTraining #sp

Kaylee is a very stubborn little girl and we have had such a difficult time potty training her. Kenny I made four previous attempts at potty training her and have not been successful. However, the fifth time seemed to be the charm. After starting to train her for the fifth time, we knew that it would be the last. She was starting to accept that she was no longer a baby and wanted to be a “big girl.” When it comes to potty training girls, especially stubborn ones, there are a few key tips to keep in mind:

1. Be patient

Every child is different and some are ready to use the bathroom faster than others. Getting angry or frustrated only makes the situation worse (I learned that one the hard way.) It makes the child more tense and not willing to learn how to go.

2. Comfort is key

Make sure your child is comfortable. Like I said, not all children are the same. Kaylee was comfortable using the little potty and then gradually moved to the potty seat on the toilet. Some children feel more comfortable using the toilet as opposed to the potty. Test different methods to see what works and what doesn’t. It is all about what makes your child comfortable.

3. Watch out for the signs

Your little one will show signs that they are ready to use the potty. We kept trying to force Kaylee to use the potty even though she showed no interest in it at all. After all of our failed attempts, we finally just decided to wait until she was ready. Some kids may never show interest in the actual potty but they will show interest in things like being a “big kid” and not a “baby” or wanting to be more grown up. You can use those queues to your advantage by steering them in the right direction. By watching out for certain signs, you can spare yourself the headaches and frustration that come along with forcing a child to do something they are not ready to do. Kaylee showed us that she was interested with these signs:

  • She started saying that she is a big girl and not a baby
  • She was interested in anyone that went into the bathroom
  • She would start telling me when she did something in her diaper (showing awareness)
  • She asked to wear big girl underwear
  • She started pretend playing with her dolls and making them use the potty in the doll  house

4. Rewards

After Kaylee went to the bathroom for the very first time, we offered her a reward, which consisted of a sticker for her potty chart and a jelly bean. She was so excited to receive an incentive for using the potty that it motivated her to use it again. She also got a new toy from her dad that he said he would only build for her if she used the potty. Safe to say that she did just that! Some kids respond to different kinds of rewards so you have to try what works for you.

5. Not every child is the same

ALWAYS remember that each child is different. I’ve spoken to people that have several children and some were easier to train than others, even though they are all from the same family. You have to do what works for you and what works for your child. And do not, by any means, get discouraged if your child shows no interest whatsoever. I constantly compared Kaylee to other children which was a HUGE mistake. Remember that your child is different and will let you know when they are ready. Be supportive and encouraging and do what is best for you and your child.

My Top 5 Tips for Potty Training Girls #PottyTraining #sp

I am so happy that we waited to try again with Kaylee. I’m proud to say that three weeks in and she is doing an amazing job, all because we waited for the proper signs. We also had help from Pull-Ups® and the Pull-Ups Big Kid Academy. Kaylee uses her Pull-Ups® at night and whenever we go out for extra protection since she is not quite fully trained in staying dry overnight. The Big Kid Academy gives you a personalized “My Pull-Ups®” page with potty training activities and advice from parenting experts and medical experts, customized to your point in the potty training journey.

Some of the subjects included in the Big Kid Academy are:

  • How to talk to day care providers about potty training
  • Solutions for nighttime
  • Potty training on the go
  • The best clothing for potty training

I spent quite a bit of time reading and absorbing the great advice that was offered at The Big Kid Academy and appreciated that the advice was tailored specifically to how far Kaylee was in the process. If you are ready to start your big kid on their potty training journey and would like some advice from The Big Kid Academy, you can enroll here:


These tips can apply to a girl or a boy. I’ve only had experience training a girl but they are very general and are geared towards your child’s readiness. Got some potty training tips of your own that you would like to share? Leave a comment! 🙂

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