Crochet 101 – Single Crochet Stitch

Crochet 101 - Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial {}

Welcome to the next post in the Crochet 101 series! Last week I showed you how to make a slip knot and how to do the chain stitch. Today we’re going to learn how to do a single crochet stitch. Before you start the single crochet, make sure that you’ve mastered how to chain because you will need it for the single crochet.

Let’s begin!

1. Start with a chain. Keep in mind that for however many single crochet stitches that you want to crochet, you will need an extra chain stitch. In this example, I chained 10 stitches which means I will end up with 9 single crochets.

Crochet 101 - Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial {}

Insert your hook into the second chain from your hook. I usually insert it between the chain so that there are 2 loops on the top of the hook and one underneath it. You can also just have one loop on the top. Either way works.

Crochet 101 - Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial {}

3. Wrap your yarn over your hook (called a Yarn Over or abbreviated as YO)

Crochet 101 - Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial {}

Pull your yarn through the chain stitch. You should have 2 loops on your crochet hook.

Crochet 101 - Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial {}

5. Wrap your yarn around your hook again (Yarn Over) and pull another loops through the 2 loops that are already on your hook

Crochet 101 - Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial {}

6. You have now completed your single crochet stitch. You should only have one loop left on your hook.

Crochet 101 - Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial {}

7. Repeat steps 1-5 for each stitch across. This is what you’re finished row should look like:

Crochet 101 - Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial {}

8. To begin a new row, chain 1. Turn your work over so that you are working from right to left.

sc8Crochet 101 - Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial {}

Insert your hook into the first single crochet from your hook. Repeat steps 1-5 to create your single crochet. Repeat across. Repeat these steps as many times as needed.

Crochet 101 - Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial {}

And there you have your single crochet stitch. Like the chain stitch, it may take you a little while to get the hang of each stitch and remember how to do them (unless you’re a super fast learner :))

I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and practice your newly learned single crochet stitch. If you have any questions or are having a hard time with the tutorial, just leave me a comment and I will surely answer you as soon as I can. Make sure you stop by next week for the next post in the Crochet 101 series. I will be writing about the double crochet stitch.

I want to take a moment to thank my photography assistant. Believe it or not my 2 year took these pictures! Ok, I did help. I setup the camera for her and she pressed the button on the remote. She did help a lot though!

Happy Crocheting!  🙂

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  1. Hi Amy, I’m hoping you can help me. I’m teaching myself how to crochet and I’ve read two books with conflicting answers regarding the single crochet stitch. One book says to start with the chain then put your hook in the ridge of the second chain, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, and pull through and “work the single crochet to the end. Then on the next row (still classifying all of this as a single crochet) go under the 2 loops of chain, pull the yarn through, yarn over, pull the yarn through. In a different book they said to work a single stitch as you showed, under one loop until they got to the end and said go under both loops. I’m so confused. If I can’t get the basic building blocks of this down, it’s going to be tough…er. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Dominique! Different crocheters have different styles of working in a chain which can be confusing. I like to work under the 2 loops but some others like to work in one loop. It’s all personal preference. Whether you choose to go under one loop or two, you will go under, yarn over pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through all 2 loops on your hooks. That’s is the basic single crochet. I hope that helps a little!

  2. Coaster pattern with daisy center…what is. TC…I don’t see it in abbreviations…I will probably kick myself when I hear the answer. ; ). Thank you in advance.

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