Designer Spotlight – Deborah Ziegler from Designs from Grammy’s Heart

Designer Spotlight - Deborah Ziegler from Designs from Grammy's Heart |

It’s time for our next designer in the Designer Spotlight series! Let’s welcome Deborah Ziegler from Designs From Grammy’s Heart! Deborah is a crocheter, designer, artisan, grammy and more! Here is more about Deborah:

“Hi! I am Deborah Ziegler; owner and artisan of this little adventure that I call Designs from Grammy’s Heart. I
have the deepest love for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Because of His love, the love I have for my family is
great. I’m proud to say that I am a child of the Most High God. I am a daughter and a sister. I am the wife of an
incredible man of God. I am mom to three handsome men, each with equally beautiful wives! I am step-mom
(don’t really like that word) to five beautiful daughters. And, I am blessed to have some adorable ‘little people’ call
me Grammy.

Step into my time machine; here’s where I will take you back in time: I have always loved fiber arts. I learned to
crochet as a young girl…my grandmother and mother taught me the basics (and granny squares) when I was about
10 years old. It wasn’t fun to me then as it felt like a chore. I put it away for a while…until I was in high school. I
was a 70’s high school girl which meant Home Ec was involved. I LOVED IT! I learned to sew, I learned to create.
And, I learned that I was good at it! I began combining crochet with sewing and never stopped from then on.
Jump ahead a couple of decades and I started crocheting again. YAY! I had remarried and our kids were heading to
or were in college. I made blankets. The Q hook and double-stranded yarn was ‘the thing’! This crocheting time
around I did a lot of pillows and afghans.

On August 6th (my birthday) 2004 I found out I was going to be a Grammy! I got a ‘Grandma’ birthday card from
my son and his wife. Inside they had written Happy Birthday, Grammy. from Grammy’s Heart, with Love was
born…hooks up, sewing machine oiled and scrapbook materials bought; it was on! And, it’s still growing!

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I hope you have enjoyed all of Deborah’s posts! Make sure to stop by next week for another great Designer Spotlight!

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