Etsy Shop Spotlight {Prettiful Designs & Beautifeye Shadows}

With all of the work that I’ve been doing these past two weeks, I’ve come across two amazing Etsy shops that I would like to share with you.

The first shop I would like to share with you is Prettiful Designs. This wonderful shop specializes in Commercial Use Digital Paper and Clipart designed by Dedra. Here is a little more about Dedra:

“Saying I’m thankful for my shop is such an understatement! Not only has it helped financially during our lowest lows but it also helps me with my depression.
More about me: My name is Dedra and I’m as crazy as my name. I’m passionate. I’m silly. I’m full of ideas (just ask my husband). I’m energetic. I’m OCD. I’m a germ freak. I’m a lover. I’m a mom. I’m honest. I really care about others. I’m a fighter.I LOVE to design. My skills/talents/what have you have developed mostly from inspiration and necessity. After our 2nd was born, the hubby’s work stopped paying full paychecks–some months no paychecks at all. I now know how to make an insane amount of things from scratch. I can make a meal (that tastes mostly good) from well…very unsavory staples. Has our predicament changed? Heck no. We had to sell the house. We’ve had #3 and we’re still in the same boat. Are we insane? Maybe a little. Mostly we just have faith

This shop has kept us going. The friendships I’ve made with some of my customers are priceless. Designing keeps me sane–which keeps my family going. I am so grateful for my customers and those rooting for us. Each month that passes is difficult but I do have to admit I’m in awe at what we’ve accomplished. My faith in God and my family are my anchors. When I am low I just have to look around and see all that I really do have–and it is enough.”

Make sure to check out these beautifully designed papers and clip art images designed by Dedra:
Etsy: (Right now the whole shop is 50% off this month to celebrate their 10,000th sale

The second shop I want to share with you is Beautifeye Shadows by Emily. These beautifully handcrafted mineral shadows are created and formulated by Emily herself. Here is more about Emily and her shop:

“I’m a single work-at-home mom located in a small town in NW Iowa.  I have chosen to be home with my kids for many reasons but the fact that my youngest has special needs makes it almost a necessity.  After doing tons of reading and research on cosmetics, ingredients and FDA Laws & Regulations, I decided to launch my own line of loose mineral eyeshadows earlier this year.  All of my eyeshadows are created using my own formula, so nothing is prepackaged or private label.  It is also important to note that my working area is very sanitary and safe.  I sanitize everything that comes in contact with the eyeshadows and each order that is sent out arrives in a shrink-wrap sealed jar.  Beautifeye Shadows was launched in April of this year so our color selection isn’t as large as many of the other Indie cosmetic stores online but it’s growing each week.  I have just added my own Mixing Medium formula and am working on a line of cosmetic glitters.  Because I feel the Mixing Medium is almost a must-have with the loose eyeshadows and glitters, I am currently including a small bottle of it with every order.”

You can find more about Beautifeye Shadows here:

Emily also offers examples of how to wear her shadows on her Facebook page.

If you like the set of eyeshadows above, come back tomorrow and enter our giveaway for a chance to win this beautiful set of shadows and other great prizes!

I hope you will stop by these amazing shops and show these wonderful shop owners some support.

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