Father’s Day 2013

I’ve been super busy lately with orders and other blogging things but now that I have time I finally get to tell you all what’s been going on! I didn’t have time to write a Father’s Day gift guide, which I really wanted to do, but I will share how we celebrated Father’s Day!

We started off the morning with waffles for breakfast and then Kaylee gave daddy his present…a photo book with pictures of the two of them. He absolutely loved it. Kenny is a hard man to shop for since he never wants anything so this gift was perfect for him. Kenny also has a weakness for rainbow cookies but instead of buying him some cookies I decided to make them. I used a recipe that I found here but I cut the recipe down since I didn’t want to make 96 cookies. I also used only seedless raspberry jam instead of apricot and raspberry. The didn’t look perfect but they tasted amazing.We finished off the day with a steak dinner. Kenny enjoyed his day because he got to spend it at home with his ladies which he always loves to do. I hope that you all had a wonderful Father’s Day!

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