How to Print or PDF Patterns from My Blog

How to Print Patterns from My Blog |

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately from those of you that want to print patterns from my blog. It’s actually super easy! Using the PrintFriendly button at the top (and bottom) of each post allows you to print and/or PDF the post. This post is a step-by-step tutorial that will have you printing and creating PDFs in no time!

1. First, go to the post that you would like to print. At the top of the entry, you will see a button that has an image of a printer. This is the PrintFriendly button. Click on this button to create your PDF or to print the post.


2. You will see a screen like this screen pop up. (Note: If you have a pop-up blocker enabled, this screen may not appear.) It will generate a preview of your print-out/PDF


3. You now have the option to remove the images and remove any text that you do not want. To remove any images or text, click on the image or text you want to remove and it will be highlighted in yellow with a trash can icon. Click on the selected area to remove the image/text.


4. Now click on the Print or PDF button. And that’s it!


Alternatively, if these steps do not work for you, you can head over to and enter the URL of the page you would like to print or PDF as well.

How to Print or PDF Patterns from My Blog


I hope that this short tutorial helps you print not only from my page, but from other pages too!


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