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Hello everyone at Stitching Mommy!  I’m so honored that Amy asked me to guest post while she is on vacation!  My name is Danielle and I blog at Peanut Life Adventures!  I share my adventures in the kitchen and in the craft world (and the real world too :).  I got married recently, so like to share new simple recipes that I try out for my husband, and I received a sewing machine as a wedding gift so I have been teaching myself how to sew.  
This apron was designed by my husband’s uncle’s mother-in law – whew, what a mouthful!  She designed the pattern for my husband’s grandma who made an apron like this for all of her daughters for Christmas.  I thought the pattern was practical and cute – love the diamond shape instead of a traditional apron.  As I like to cook and bake, I thought this would be something especially fun to learn to make so I asked the sewing master for some help 🙂  This apron can be made from start to finish in a few hours and makes a great gift! 
I hope you enjoy this post and I would love for you to check out my blog, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or G+.  Have an awesome day!
Diamond Apron
What you need:
Fabric A – 3/4 yard – for front
Fabric B – 1 yard – back, ties, neckband, border strips
Two large decorative buttons
 photo 6cd11b5b-f8f7-4274-aef0-ab20dbeea78d_zps2dd99017.jpg
What to do:
Step 1 – Cut fabric as follows
  • From Fabric A, cut 22 1/2 x 22 1/2 square – this is for the front
  • From Fabric A, cut a piece 7 x 10 1/2 – this is for the pocket liner
  • From Fabric B, cut 24 1/4 x 24 1/2 square – this is for the back
  • From Fabric B, cut two strips 24 1/2 x 2 1/2 – these are for the border
  • From Fabric B, cut two pieces 36 x 5 – these are your ties
  • From Fabric B, cut 23 x 5 piece – this is your neckband.  
  • From Fabric B, cut a piece 7 x 10 1/2 – this is for the outside of the pocket. 
 photo c9fedf5c-fc36-4ec5-a966-5700153f70f3_zps5073d88e.jpg

All seam allowances are 1/4 inch.

Step 2 – Taking the neckband piece, fold and press in 1/4 inch along sides.  Fold pressed sides together – right side facing out, press.  Top-stitch along both long sides and both ends.
Step 3 – Repeat step two with both side tie pieces
Step 4 – Taking the two border strips, attach to two adjoining sides of front piece. Step 5 – Place the two pocket pieces right sides together, and pin.  At one short end (7 inch side) create a “V” shape (see image below), by cutting in two of the edges.  Once you have made a V shape on one end, stitch pocket pieces together, leaving a two inch opening.  Turn right side out and press.  Stitch opening closed.

Step 6 – Stitch pocket to front of right side.  You can either center it, or off-set slightly to one side so that it falls on a leg and is handy for putting your recipe card in 🙂  Press top flap down.  Top-stitch around pocket if desired.  
Step 7 – Position and pin (on wrong side of fabric) neckband to upper corner of front.  The upper corner is corner opposite of the two border strips.  Baste in place.
Step 8 – Position ties on wrong side of fabric, 6 inches from the bottom edge.  Angle upwards slightly (so they tie around you better).  Baste
Step 9 – Fold and pin ties and neckband on right side of fabric (this is so you don’t accidentally sew them into the seams when you sew the front to the back.  
Step 10 – Make a sandwich of fabric, front piece with borders, ties/neckband, back piece.  Right sides of front and back should be facing.  Sew front to back along all four sides, leaving a 5 inch opening for turning.  (I left my opening between the neckband and side tie on one side).  
Step 11 – Turn right side out
Step 12 – Press entire apron.  Fold top corner (by neckband) in about 3 inches and press down as well)
Step 13 – Stitch side opening closed
Step 14 – Top stitch around entire front if desired.  
Step 15 – Sew on buttons on top flap and stand back and admire – you did it!


Thanks for Reading!  Danielle @ Peanut Life Adventures

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