Scott Towels, For The Big and Small Messes #ScottValue

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Scott Towels, For the Big and Small Messes www.thestitchinmommy.comWhen life hands you big (or little) messes, what do you turn to? I turn to SCOTT® Towels for all of life’s little and big messes. I used to turn to another brand until I realized it was tough on my small, single-income budget. I switched to a bargain brand only to find that it wasn’t doing it’s job. Then I decided to try SCOTT®. My husband and I have been using SCOTT® bath tissue for years, even before we were married and living together. My mom used it and so did his. So when we found ourselves looking for a new brand of paper towels, we figured, why not give SCOTT® a try? I mean what did we have to lose?

It turns out that we were right. We didn’t have anything to lose, just more to gain, like the money back into our pockets. We decided to put SCOTT® Towels to the test. We headed to Kmart and bought some SCOTT® Towels to replace our current paper towels.

Scott Towels, For the Big and Small Messes

I first used the towels to clean Kaylee up after lunchtime. Well, actually she cleaned up her own highchair tray…after wearing the paper towel as a hat. After she “cleaned” her highchair tray, I decided to help her out and finish wiping it down. Even when wet, the towels didn’t fall apart like some of the bargain brands do. They stood up to the scrubbing and remained intact. 

Scott Towels, For the Big and Small Messes

We then used the SCOTT® Towels to dry Kaylee’s hands after she washed them. Again, the towel stayed intact and dried her hands very nicely. The best part is, the paper towel didn’t crumble and get all linty when it got wet. Daddy was able to send her off to play with completely dry hands.

Scott Towels, For the Big and Small Messes

I even used SCOTT® Towels to clean up a juice spill on the kitchen counter. It absorbed the spill well enough. I did have to go back over the spill with another half of a sheet (but maybe I should have used a whole sheet in the first place.)

Scott Towels, For the Big and Small Messes
One of the things that I really like is that SCOTT® Towels come with a choose-a-sheet option. Sometimes you don’t need a whole sheet to clean up a mess. Sometimes it only takes half of a sheet. With the choose-a-sheet option, you no longer have to waste a whole sheet on a small mess! Which also means that you use less and save more! It’s a great value all around.

Scott Towels, For the Big and Small Messes

If you want a great value, try SCOTT® Towels and all of SCOTT®’s other great products for yourself! Make sure to check out Kmart’s Shop You Way Rewards for great coupon offers on Scott Tissue products this week!



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