The Moodsters Snorf Talking Plush and Activity Book

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Last week I talked about helping your little one recognize and manage their emotions with The Moodsters. The toys that we tried were wonderful. Kaylee has grown particularly attached to her Snorf Talking Plush and Activity Book. She talks to Snorf when she is feeling sad and loves working in the activity book. Since getting these toys, Kaylee is more willing to discuss how she is feeling. This is really important to me since she is in a new school and trying to make new friends. It’s great that I can give her an outlet to express herself.


The Moodsters Snorf Talking Plush and Activity Book contains a Snorf plush, who is one of the five Moodsters detectives, and a 32-page activity book that is filled with fun activities to help children learn about emotions and feelings while having fun at the same time. Snorf represents sadness, which is a key emotion that all children experience on a regular basis. This adorable plush talks when you squeeze his tummy and speaks several different phrases relating to the emotion of sadness. Snorf offers some wonderful advice and words of encouragement for children that are feeling sad.


Kaylee has been reading and working in the activity book for a little over a week now and she is really enjoying spending time with Snorf and working on the activities. We have been having many discussions about feeling sad and how to work through it. Kaylee is also learning to recognize different feelings in others. She is more aware of when someone around her is sad, happy, angry, or afraid. The activity book has helped us open the lines of communication.


Kaylee really wanted to show me one of the activities in the book that made her feel great. She had helped one of her friends at school earlier in the day and wanted to complete the reward chart with the stickers provided in the activity book. She was so excited that she was able to help her friend and it made her happy to know that she made her friend happy too.

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The Moodsters Snorf Talking Plush and Activity Book is just one of the fabulous toys from The Moodsters. You can find all The Moodsters products at ToysRUs and! For more information about The Moodsters, check out The Moodsters Website, and don’t forget to follow The Moodsters Facebook Page and Twitter!

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