Weekend Update

Happy Monday everyone! Well it’s a bittersweet Monday for me. My holiday vacation is officially over. I start my spring semester today. No more reading and crocheting until the wee hours of the morning. It’s alright though. I’ll still be crocheting during the day =)

I have to say that this weekend has been one of the nicest, most relaxing yet productive weekends that I’ve had in a while. Last week I started working on a teddy bear for the kiddo. I found this adorable pattern on Etsy for Haribo the Bedtime Bear. He was so cute that I had to get the pattern. I modified the pattern a bit and it resulted in this adorable little guy.

Needless to say Kaylee loved him instantly. She named him “Baby” and he now resides in her crib. That’s really a big deal considered it’s a very VIP place. I have to say that it makes me happy that she finally likes something that I have made for her. Baby is her new BFF.

I also managed to bake this weekend. Kenny was in a melancholy mood so I decided to make him some oatmeal raisin cookies. Since I threw a couple of recipes together instead of following one recipe, I was surprised when they came out really good. The cookies were a little chewy but he loved them. I loved the smell of baked goods in my house. It always puts me in a better mood. I posted my franken-recipe last night in an effort to not forget the recipe so that I can make these cookies again someday!
I spent the latter half of my weekend writing a new pattern for a cute little crochet clutch (I will hopefully remember to post it as soon as I’m done) and watching my hubby play with his K’nex. If you’ve never heard of K’nex, they are these plastic pieces that you fit together to build things. Well, K’nex are Kenny’s answer to any problem that he might have. He’s built so many contraptions out of those things that I can’t even begin to tell you. His latest project was a keyboard/touch pad holder for his standing desk at work. Apparently standing desks are all the rage in the corporate world (who knew). When I worked in corporate finance I would have never fathomed standing for 10 hours a day. It just doesn’t sound possible…at all. But he enjoys it and he says that he feels healthier for standing instead of sitting all day. Power to him. I digress. So since switching to the standing desk, he needed a place for his keyboard and touch pad. This is the monstrosity that he came up with:

I added a keyboard and touch pad to demonstrate:

And we added Baby for fun. Kaylee didn’t like that so much(hence the tiny hand in the bottom of the picture)

It’s a nifty little project and I’m really proud of him for building it.

Lastly, I learned how to wind balls of yarn and I’ve been going crazy with my loose skeins. There is a great tutorial here that teaches you how to wind a center-pull ball of yarn without any special tools. All you need is a skein of yarn and a knitting needle. It’s genius! I’ve been trying to go through my stash and figure out what to do with yarn that I just don’t use anymore. I did some research and found some charities that are in desperate need of yarn for the work that they do. Whether it’s making baby blankets for preemies or orphan babies or helping teen moms and runaways, these charities do so much good for their communities and deserve to be helped as well.  I found a couple of charities and not for profit organizations to donate my unused yarn to. They are very happy for any donations that they receive and I can’t wait to send them my yarn. I know it’ll be put to better use than just sitting here in my craft corner.
Now that the weekend and my vacation are over and it’s back to reality, I feel a little sad but I also feel ready to see what challenges are up ahead. I hope that this semester is good to me and I hope that the 12 degree whether in NYC goes away soon! I wish you all a great week!

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  1. So glad you got to have such a great weekend before starting your new semester! Haribo turned out adorable! I wish I could do that! 🙂

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