How to Build an Awesome Pillow Fort with Pop Secret

This is a sponsored post written for Pop Secret. Thank you for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring us to try building a pillow fort!

How to Build an Awesome Pillow Fort #PopSecretForts #spon |

We just had about 2 feet of snow and we thought, what better way to spend a day stuck in the house than to make a pillow fort and watch a movie with some Pop Secret popcorn! Kaylee wanted to go outside and build a snowman but with the weather being a bit rough, I had to convince her that it wasn’t a good idea. Instead, we got 2 of the chairs from the kitchen and a few pillows and blankets, and made an awesome pillow fort. 

How to Make an Awesome Pillow Fort

What you will need:

  • 2 chairs
  • 2-3 Blankets/Quilts/Comforters – a large one to drape over the top and smaller ones for the inside of the fort
  • Pillows

Assembling your fort:

Place the chairs with the backs facing each other, making sure they are spaced widely apart.

How to Build an Awesome Pillow Fort #PopSecretForts #spon |

Drape the larger of your blankets over the backs of the chairs. Add some pillows and extra blankets to the inside of your fort to make it comfy and cozy. 

How to Build an Awesome Pillow Fort #PopSecretForts #spon |

 And that’s it! You have easily constructed a fort that would be perfect for any little kid.

Kaylee made herself at home in her newly built fort while I made the Pop Secret popcorn. We bought Sweet ‘n Crunchy Caramel Popcorn which is my absolute favorite Pop Secret flavor.

How to Build an Awesome Pillow Fort #PopSecretForts #spon |

Kaylee settled into her fort and we watched a couple of movies and ate our popcorn. We turned what would have been an ugly day into a fun afternoon with a fort, popcorn, and a movie marathon. 

How to Build an Awesome Pillow Fort #PopSecretForts #spon | www.thestitchinmommy.comSo on those rainy, snowy, or dreary days, or even on a nice day, consider making your own pillow fort and have a movie marathon of your own! Don’t forget to round out your movie night with a bowl of Pop Secret popcorn.

For some more fun, head over to Pop Secret’s Facebook page and share your pillow fort photos using #PopSecretForts and also get $1 off coupon!


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