Christmas Ornament Exchange

Earlier this week, I posted a free pattern for this Crochet Santa Ornament that I made for Amy from One Artsy Mama for our ornament exchange.

Now here’s a look at what Amy sent to me! I received this adorable little button snowman ornament from Amy:

He (or she) now resides in the middle of my tree. If you thought that was cute, it gets even better! Amy also sent a little felt ornament and some gems for Kaylee to decorate her own ornament. When I saw this I teared up because I just thought that it was so thoughtful.

Kaylee loves shiny things so this was perfect for her. I sat her down at her little art table and got out the glue.

Kaylee was so excited to start sticking her gems onto the ornament. We glued and glued and when I thought we were done, she flipped the ornament around and wanted to glue some more. 
And when we were done, Kaylee wanted to take a picture with her ornament. She never looked at the camera and just wanted to stare at he ornament and rearrange the pieces that weren’t dry.
Then we hung it on our tree and now Kaylee admires her ornament day in and day out.
Thank you so much Amy for such a simple, but awesome ornament. You really brightened up my kiddo’s day =)

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