DIY Butterfly Bell Jar by The Pin Junkie {Guest Contributor}

Hello, I’m Bonnie from The Pin Junkie and I’m completely and happily addicted to Pinterest.  I blog about all the recipes, crafts, and DIY projects I do that are inspired by Pinterest. 

I’m so happy to be guest posting for Amy today and I’d like to share how to make this butterfly bell jar.  I made it in about 30 minutes and only spent $5.00 for the materials!

Materials you will need:
a glass bell jar
a twig
pre-wired butterflies
gloves (optional)
pliers (optional)

First, I got a twig from my back yard.  I looked for one that had a few branches growing off of it and would also fit inside the bell jar.  You can always cut or break off pieces if you need to in order for it to fit.

Next, I spent about $2.00 and bought a package of pre-wired butterflies at Hobby Lobby in the floral department.  I got my bell jar at an estate sale for $3.00.  But, while I was at Hobby lobby I noticed that they had bell jars.  If you use a coupon or bought one during one of their sales, you can get a good bargain.

Then I wrapped the wire around the end of  the twig.  You may want to use some pliers to help wrap the wire or use some gloves to protect your hands since the end of the wire can be sharp. 

After you’ve attached all the butterflies to the twig, just set it inside the bell jar.
Then sit back, admire your work of art, and smile at all the compliments you’re sure to get!

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