Help Your Preschooler Recognize and Manage Their Emotions with The Moodsters – Review and Giveaway

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If you have a little one at home, you know that it can sometimes be difficult for them to express what they are feeling. My daughter, who just turned 5, has a tough time expressing herself and letting us know how she feels. She also has moments where she would rather deal with her emotions by herself instead of talking to us. At times, I find myself struggling to help her manage her emotions without getting emotional myself. With the help of all The Moodsters products, I am armed with some new tools to help her express her emotions through creative play.

What are The Moodsters?

The Moodsters are a team of five lovable little detectives that help kids solve the mysteries of feelings! The Moodsters™ were developed by Denise Daniels, the CEO & Founder of JellyJam Entertainment. Denise Daniels is not just an award-winning broadcast journalist, but she is also a parenting and child development expert! Denise Daniels is also an accomplished author who specializes in the social and emotional development of children. Daniels has created The Moodsters™ to teach children how to express and manage their feelings, and understand their emotions, with the help of engaging characters and creative play. The Moodsters™ is a first-of-its-kind brand created to educate, entertain, and enhance the social and emotional development of children. The Moodsters™ have debuted their award-winning toys at Toys R Us this month with three products that help develop a child’s emotional intelligence: The Moodsters Meter, The Moodsters Mirror and The Moodsters Feeling Flashlight. The Moodsters™ is now debuting two new emotional intelligence (EQ) teaching tools for kids: The Moodsters Feelings Notebook & Feelings Crayon Set and The Moodsters Talking Plush and Activity Book assortment.

Help Your Preschooler Recognize and Manage Their Emotions with The Moodsters - Review and Giveaway |

We decided to give The Moodsters Feelings Notebook & Feelings Crayon Set and The Moodsters Snorf Talking Plush and Activity Book a go. The Moodsters Feelings Notebook & Feelings Crayon was designed to help children express what they are feeling in a creative way. This amazing set contains five Feelings Crayons, which represent five different emotions, as well as a 50-page Feelings Notebook. In the Feelings Notebook, kids are able to draw what they are feeling. There are different crayons and different sections in the Feelings Notebook that correspond to different feelings: the green crayon for afraid, pink for loving, yellow for happy, blue for sad, and red for angry. The notebook also provides Moodster strategies for handling each of these emotions.moodsters2

The Moodsters Snorf Talking Plush and Activity Book contains a Snorf plush, who is one of the five Moodsters detectives. Snorf represents sadness, which is one of the key emotions that all children experience in their everyday lives. Snorf speaks when you squeeze his tummy and has several different phrases to describe how he is feeling, all relating to the emotion of sadness. The 32-page activity book is a great tool to help start a conversation with your children about their emotions while they learn and have fun at the same time.


Kaylee enjoyed both toys but really focused on the Snorf Talking Plush and Activity Book. She enjoyed working in the activity book with Snorf by her side. We discussed different emotions while she played and she was able to articulate different scenarios where the emotions were applied. Kaylee really felt like she could be open about her feelings because of the calm and comfortable playing environment.

moodsters5 moodsters6

I really enjoyed these toys from The Moodsters™ and will definitely order some more from! You can find all The Moodsters products at ToysRUs, and learn more about The Moodsters™ by visiting The Moodsters Website and The Moodsters Facebook Page!

How would you like a chance to win one of these amazing products from The Moodsters™? One of my lucky readers will receive one of these fabulous toys! Just leave a comment below and tell me which of the products you would like to try! The giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all that entered! Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner!

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