150 All Time Favorite Crochet Blocks: Book Review

In order to complete this book review, I received a complimentary sample copy from the publisher. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

150 All-Time Favorite Crochet Blocks by Sarah Hazell: Book Review | www.thestitchinmommy.com
150 All Time Favorite Crochet Blocks © 2015 by Sarah Hazell Reprinted with permission of St. Martin’s Griffin.


Title: 150 All-Time Favorite Crochet Blocks
Published by: St. Martin’s Griffin
Author: Sarah Hazell
ISBN: 978-1-250-06878-1


150 All-Time Favorite Crochet Blocks by Sarah Hazell, published by St. Martin’s Griffincontains 150 beautifully designed crochet block patterns. These blocks are all great for making an afghan and so much more! All of the block patterns in the book are organized by theme which makes it easy to find a block that you’re looking for or to make a group of similar blocks for a project.

The book starts off with Section 1 which shows the blocks displayed in stitch-themed groups. Each block is labeled with the name of the block and the page number where you can find the pattern.

In Section 2, you find the written instructions for all of the blocks, complete with charts! The patterns are very well written and the charts are a great visual for those that are more visual crocheters. Here are some of my favorite blocks:

  • Textured Stipes, p48
  • Diamonds, p83
  • Hexagon in a Square, p84
  • Rose of Sharon, p106
  • Chrysanthemum, p119

Section 3 of the book gives you some ideas on how to incorporate the blocks into fabulous projects. There is a pattern for a gorgeous Floor Cushion, an elegant Vase Cover, a sweet Journal Cover, adorable Baby Blocks, and a snuggly Lap Blanket.

Finally, there is a section that is called “Crochet Refresher Course.” The author provides some techniques that are great for beginners but can also be used as a refresher for more experienced crocheters. She provides instructions and visuals for some basic stitches and also provides a handy table of crochet Symbols & Abbreviations to help you read the patterns and interpret the charts.

Here is a list of the basic techniques and stitches covered:

  • Holding the Hook and Yarn
  • Making a Slip Knot
  • Working in a Slip Stitch (Sl St)
  • Working a Foundation Chain (Ch)
  • Working a Single Crochet (Sc)
  • Working a Half Double Crochet (Hdc)
  • Working a Double Crochet (Dc)
  • Working a Treble Crochet (Tr)
  • Long Trebles
  • Popcorn Stitch (Pc)
  • Puff Stitch
  • Spike Stitches
  • Working into the Front and Back of the Stitches
  • Changing Color
  • Blocking
  • Working in Rounds
    • Making a Foundation Ring
    • Working into the Ring
    • Making a Magic Ring
  • Symbols and Abbreviations
    • Basic Stitches, Abbreviations & Symbols
    • Additional Symbols
    • Special Stitches
    • Arrangement of Symbols
    • Common Abbreviations
    • American/British Equivalent Terms

If you want to to make some gorgeous projects using the most wonderful square patterns, then you have to get this book! I  hope you will purchase this great books and make a lot of fun new projects from these gorgeous blocks!

Thank you to St. Martin’s Griffin for providing me with a copy of this book for my review! You can see more about 150 All-Time Favorite Crochet Blocks from Macmillan Publishers. For more information about St. Martin’s Griffin, visit their Website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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