CWU Fall Poncho Pattern by Size – DK Weight Yarn

Since the CAL has ended, Rhonnda  and I have decided to make it a bit easier for you to complete it by offering the written instructions for each poncho size in a separate post, rather than having you reference the charts and figure out the stitch counts.

Rhondda is sharing the sizes for Worsted Weight yarn and I am sharing the posts for each size using DK Weight yarn. If you would like the WW patterns, please visit Oombawka Design.

One thing that we did notice during the CAL was there was some confusion over the stitch counts per row. The number of stitches in each row will occasionally vary by 1 stitch (less or more than the beginning number of stitches chained.). If you are wondering why we have done this, it is because different stitch patterns have been used to create the poncho and each is based on a multiple of a specific number of stitches. Some are based on a multiple of 3 stitches, some on multiples of 2 stitches, etc.

As a result, you will occasionally have an extra stitch, or one less stitch from one row to the next row. This variation will not make a big difference with your completed rectangles. Please make sure to pay close attention to the stitches. If you do not follow exactly what has been written for the stitch counts, the next row will not work out properly. The changes in the stitches are done to make the pattern work. After you block and edge your poncho, you will not even notice that there is a variation in the stitch counts.


  • Make sure to check your gauge after Row 2 so that you will know if you need to increase or decrease your hook size, or modify the stitch count.
  • For the full details of the Official Fall Poncho CAL please visit the Introductory Post. It provides you with the measurements and starting stitch counts for all sizes, as well as, the amount of yarn you will need to complete your poncho. It also provides details for how you can make this poncho in any yarn, hook and stitch combination.
  • All sizes will be added to this post as they are published. If you do not see a size linked, it has not been published.

What to do to get ready for this project:

  • Add this CAL to your Ravelry Favorites and make a project page
  • Share your progress on Instagram using #CWUPonchoCAL2015
  • Join the Crochet With Us Group on Facebook and/or on Ravelry for assistance with the CAL (It is a wonderful group filled with the most helpful and caring people who are happy to help.)

CWU Fall Poncho Pattern by Size

DK Weight Yarn





Thank you for joining our CAL and we hope that these posts will help you successfully complete it! If you do finish the CAL and/or some of our other patterns (from The Stitchin’ Mommy & Oombawka Design), enter our giveaway!




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