Why I Use The Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule for My Blogging Needs

I’ve been using my CoSchedule Marketing Calendar for eight years now and it has been one of the main tools that I have used to help me with my blogging and social media. The calendar still continues to help me organize my blog posts and tasks. The social media scheduler have helped me tremendously because it is so easy to schedule all of my social media posts at the same time that I am scheduling my content to be posted on on my WordPress blog. Requeue helps me recycle my content and keeps my evergreen content relevant. CoSchedule has been an integral part of keeping my blog thriving. It helps me stay organized and helps me keep my content relevant and fresh on social media.

This post was written as part of the CoSchedule Referral Program. I do receive a credit on my account if you make a purchase through my referral link. I may also receive a discount on my current subscription for writing this review. However, all opinions expressed in this post are my own and are based on my own experiences with CoSchedule. Please read my disclosures for more information.

What is CoSchedule’s Marketing Calendar?

CoSchedule is an editorial calendar that helps you organize your posts and can even help automate your social media posts. You can create your blog posts, social media posts, tasks, and emails all in one place. CoSchedule also lets you sync all your favorite tools and social platforms. You can use CoSchedule with WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more! You can easily and seamlessly create content and share it right away or schedule it for later. After I create my blog post in WordPress, I scroll down to the bottom of my post and the CoSchedule app is right there. I can easily schedule my social media posts right after finishing my blog post. Another great feature is the Best Time Scheduling feature. This feature spaces out your posts so that you can get the most out of your social media engagement.

You can create social messages directly from your WordPress post

Best time feature schedules your social media post at the optimal time.

What is ReQueue?

My favorite part of CoSchedule is the ReQueue feature. ReQueue has helped me so much over the years. The ReQueue feature helps drive traffic to my blog when I’m taking a break from blogging or if I am unable to produce content for an extended period of time. I basically made a list of my Evergreen content and what social media platforms I want to share them on, along with the consistency of how often each post is to be shared and ReQueue does the rest. It fills in gaps in my social media schedule with the previously published content I specified so that I have optimal engagement throughout the day. I can also easily add new posts to my Evergreen list by just clicking the ReQueue button at the bottom of the social media post I am creating and selecting the list I want to add it to.

ReQueue Calendar View
Add content to your ReQueue list(s) directly from your post.

What are Coschedule’s Plans and Pricing?

CoSchedule offers three plans, the Free Marketing Calendar, the Pro Marketing Calendar and the Marketing Suite for Business. You can find all of the pricing details here.

FREE Marketing Calendar

This plan is great for individuals. It includes:

Max Users: 1
Included Social Profiles: 2
Scheduled Social Messages: 5
Customer Service Support: Basic

This plan is great if you are just starting out with a blog/website and would like to explore what CoSchedule has to offer. It’s great for an individual blogger.

PRO Marketing Calendar (Billed Annually $29 per user / month or Billed Monthly $39 per user / month)

This plan is great for individuals and small teams. It includes:

Max Users: 10
Included Social Profiles: 10
Additional Social Profiles 5 for $15/mo
Scheduled Social Messages: Unlimited

This plan also includes Bulk Social Media Scheduling, Bulk Scheduling, Social Media Campaign Templates and Social Media Automation (ReQueue) with priority customer service support.

Marketing Suite:

This plan is great for growing businesses with larger teams. It includes all Marketing Calendar capabilities, plus:

  • Manage marketing requests
  • Automate team workflows
  • Sort your calendar by team
  • Store assets and files
  • Track team progress

If you are looking to organize and share your content in a easy and seamless way, CoSchedule has you covered. CoSchedule has been keeping me organized for many years and am nothing but happy with it. It has changed the way that I blog and share my content. CoSchedule is worth every penny in my honest opinion. I cannot see how I could have made it through the last few years without it! If you want to give CoSchedule a try, make sure to check out their free trial!

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