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If you’re a mom, especially the mom of a messy toddler, then you know that a vacuum cleaner can be one of the most important tools in your house. I live by my vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming is in my daily routine since my apartment is mostly covered with carpet and I have a messy 2 1/2 year old. I try my best to keep all of the floors clean. I even use the vacuum on my hardwood (don’t worry I just use the hose!). I was super excited when I got the opportunity to try Eureka’s AirSpeed All Floors vacuum cleaner. 

My hubby and I went to scoop one up at our favorite place, Walmart. Our local Walmart is under construction so everything was rearranged. Thanks to the wonderfully large and very blue hanging signs, we were able to locate the “Home” section quite easily. Once we got to the home section, there was the aisle with all of the vacuum cleaners. We located the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum cleaner model on the shelf but couldn’t find the actual vacuum cleaner. I was so upset especially since I called ahead to make sure that specific vacuum cleaner was in stock. Low and behold, my hubby found it hidden behind another vacuum cleaner box. We ended up with the last one! I was so excited to bring it home. 


We brought it home and of course I had Kenny put it together (someone had to take the pictures!) He unpacked everything, read the instructions and within a few minutes had the whole thing together. It was so quick and simple to assemble that I could have definitely done it without him. 


Now it was time to test this baby out. First we just did a routine vacuuming of the carpet around the house. I have to say that I was super impressed. It picked up a ton of hair (my daughter sheds like a puppy) and whatever crumbs from her morning snacks that were left behind. It was powerful enough to tackle the thick carpet. With several floor settings, it was nice that I was able to choose which one I needed at the time.


We then took it to the kitchen to see how the vacuum hose worked. I truthfully didn’t like how the hose was assembled but that didn’t affect the way that it worked. Once again, with the powerful suction, we were able to vacuum up Kaylee’s latest mess in just a few seconds. It even sucked up a rogue teddy graham cracker. I loved using the attachments so that I didn’t risk scratching the floors. I even used the brush attachment to clean my window blinds and it worked great without damaging them. 


All in all I thought that the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum is a great vacuum cleaner. The price is great at only $98 at Walmart. It has easily accessible filters (one of which is washable so it’ll save you some $), a large power button and a large button at the base to turn the brushes on and off. There’s a great carrying handle so you’re not awkwardly trying to drag the vacuum cleaner around and a large canister to hold a great amount of dirt. The only thing I had an issue with was the hose attachment. I just found it a bit awkward but the power and suction more than made up for that.

The Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum was powerful enough to clean the different surfaces of my home and tackle all of the everyday household messes. It has great suction and gave the carpets a deep clean that most vacuums can’t do. With it’s exceptional and best in class performance, the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum is worth the price. If you’re in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, make sure to check out Eureka at Walmart. #EurekaPower #CollectiveBias

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