5 Projects to Help You Use Up Leftover Yarn

Do you ever end up with yarn that is left over from another project and you aren’t sure what to do with it? There are so many great ways to use up leftover yarn.  You can create fabulous projects that can be given as gifts or even to charity, and you can make them all with less than one skein of yarn. Even if you are left with a bunch of partial skeins, there are many possibilities. Today, I am sharing 5 examples of what you can do with partial skeins of yarn!

5 Projects to Help You Use Up Leftover Yarn | www.thestitchinmommy.com

5 Projects to Help You Use Up Leftover Yarn

Here are 5 types of projects that you can make using leftover yarn:

Coffee Cup Sleeves/Cozies:


Crochet Bookmarks

Fruit Cozy (makes for a great teacher’s gift!)

Stashbuster Blankets

Stashbuster blankets require quite a bit of leftover yarn but it’s a great way to use up partial skeins from other projects

I hope that these projects inspire you to do something with any yarn that you may have lying around. Even if you have partial skeins or cakes that you think wouldn’t really fit a certain project, you can turn it into something great!

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